He, he, that got ya, right?


But nope, still dead.

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Spring Season 2011 – One Liners

Instead of sitting down and writing sth. long that nobody will really read, I’ll just post some really short thoughts on the shows I watched this season. So everybody wins. I don’t have to pull out sth. out of my ass to have a post of decent length and people who really read this waste less time doing so. win-win \o/ Continue reading

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Theory on Glittering Crux’s / Kiraboshi’s origin

While I was talking about Star Driver on gtalk, I had to admit, I had no clue what the motives of the glittering crux were, but my chat-partner also only remembered “something about being the chosen ones to move forward or whatever.”

It sounds so half-assed, so I imagine them becoming the bad guys like this:

Voice from heaven: “Uh, yeah, we need bad guys… How about those guys? *points*”
Kiraboshi: “Eh, us? Why?”
Voice from heaven: “Errr, because you want to become, uh… *reads several Wikipedia entries about sects* think you are chosen ones that advance mankind”
Kiraboshi: “Mh, not really, buy if you say so… But how do we fight?”
Voice from heaven: “Good question… You use giant, kinda girlish looking robots. And that’s in a space that exists outside the flow of time. Got that idea from watching some show with a red-haired girl and a sword.”
Kiraboshi: “Hm, okay… [Guys, did you hear that? ROBOTS! I’m so in!] ”

They didn’t learn about silly costumes, masks and idiotic secret salutes until after they signed the contract, though.

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Two things I always wanted to shout in Anime-Producers’ faces

“If something’s happening, we don’t need a secondary character explaining what is happening, because unlike in manga the images are animated and WE SEE WHAT HAPPENS without wasting 3 weeks on it’s depiction.”

“We don’t need characters shouting the names of their attacks every single time. Once or twice to get to know them, ok. But it’s not like it’s that important, anyway”

Thank you for your attention.

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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica – Impressions

Well, yeah, probably the anime people talk about the most this season. The anime itself, that is, not like, uh… delays, simulcasts, etc. And while I’ll try not to hate away in this post, it doesn’t really have me going like some other people who decrypt the writings on the walls and interpret stuff like foreshadowing at the very beginning of the 1st episode or actions. I think it’s watchable, but not really exciting.

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They are Stealing! Make them Stop!

So, yeah… Fractale simulcast has been killed off by Japanese Copyright holder.

While that decision is cool and all, it’s their product after all, the reasoning behind it is a bit… strange.

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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st Review Pod – UPDATED TWICE!

Nanoha is one of the, if not THE most popular Magical Girl franchises and I often wondered “Why is it so crazy popular?”. So the movie was a good opportunity to give it a shot and after watching the movie I still wonder “Why is it so crazy popular?”

HERE BE SPOILERS (and sharks)

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